Back to School Chapter 1: UPCYCLING

We are back at the shop and there are some updates to our lovely Veist:

In addition to buying vintage, upcycling is the way to go when it comes to clothing yourselves sustainably. We were quite excited to find out that Paro Store offers a great digital resource. Small labels like our friend Ala with Halo labels can be discovered here, along with great resources around repairing and clothing alteration, which is one of the most frequent questions at Veist!

We are very happy to welcome more upcycling pieces into our commission assortment, such as silk dresses and accessories by PAULINA'S FRIENDS, dreamy pieces of art by Tata Christiane, beautiful knitwear and handmade pieces from talented individuals around our beautiful Schillerkiez. We also have two last pieces from Mila et Mila!

So if you have a beautiful upcycled piece that you would like to pass on to loving hands, feel free to contact us via! And we are very happy to find a new home for them.

Back to School Chapter 1: UPCYCLING
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